3D визуализация офисного здания

Now often, looking through advertising, choosing furniture, real estate and even shoes on the Internet, the user does not think, the real photo or visualization, because does not see the difference. All modern companies that produce material objects have long discovered the sphere of 3D visualization. This area is very multifaceted, so let's look at all aspects of it.


For example, you are a large developer who needs to sell his property, advertise it, look for investors at the stage of the dug pit. You have a project of your apartment complex, but there is no most important – attractive content for customers, which will replace photos of houses, cozy squares, schools and other important buildings that you are planned. Accordingly, there are no pictures for sites, booklets, TV ads. Here you will help professionals who will create a 3D model of your complex, based on the drawings, work out the environment, pick up the winning angles and the right atmosphere.

It will be much more profitable, more beautiful and revealing than laying out just working drawings, passport facades, sketches or waiting for the construction of the entire complex for photos, which can take many years. Also, with the help of visualizations buyers will be able to consider the future layouts of apartments, floors, understand the height of ceilings, the actual capacity of the room. You do not need to wait for potential buyers who will come to your sales department, and do not need to describe on your fingers all the charms of your LCD, as this information will be forgotten, and with the help of visualizations the client can view everything online at any time of the day. And not just pictures, and video and even immersion in the world of virtual reality, which allow modern technology even from the phone.

Also, architectural visualization is relevant at the design stage to understand how your object will fit into the existing environment, how the selected cladding, decorative elements, plants will look and how different light sources will shine at night. Another undoubted plus is the creation of visualizations of any resolution and size for any advertising product – from the picture, which will be placed on the business card, to a huge banner.

Another important advantage is that visualization can remove all the features of the environment that can distract or even frighten a potential buyer. On the way out always gets an attractive picture without debris, unnecessary details, various inscriptions on nearby houses, without objects and structures that can close the view of your building. What is almost impossible to achieve with photography.


Modern graphics programs allow you to create videos of any quality and permission, to animate any items, to use different special effects, to integrate quarters into existing videos of real building. All this will be useful for all who want to show, for example, the mechanism of laying the sofa or show from all sides the whole neighborhood.

Other areas

For example, you are an architect or designer who needs to demonstrate to the client his idea, his vision of the interior or landscape. In this case, visualization is a dress rehearsal for real repairs. It will be much easier for your client to make a decision by seeing the finished result from all angles. He will understand how all the materials or furniture in his apartment will look, how relevant the redevelopment will be, the heights on the master site will no longer be just a number, but will be displayed on visualizations, as it would be in reality. At this stage, the client will be more comfortable to make adjustments, understanding the whole idea, than then on the fact to re-order the same tile or sofa and lose because of this finances, time and nerves. And for you it will be a beautiful and clear example in the portfolio.

Visualization is very relevant for the sales sphere – from a tube of toothpaste to a huge liner. Agree, it is much easier on the finished 3D model to change color than to hire a photo studio, photographer, a team of movers and transport to take a picture of the same model of the sofa in twenty versions of upholstery and do it so that when choosing a shade on the site these photos coincide with each other. Now imagine that you, in addition to this sofa, in the store a couple of thousand positions. Or you're not sure if this model will look good in a certain shade or material, but you'd like to look at it before you start production. 3D visualization and modeling will also help you in this.

Nothing prevents you from ordering a 3D model and working with it to make any changes when you feel comfortable, controlling the process of its creation. In addition, the function of rotating the object around its axis for viewing from all sides is very popular now, which is also achieved by 3D visualization.

The other side of 3D modeling is the creation of models that are ready to print on a 3D printer, which makes the process of selling the product much easier. By ordering one 3D model, you can produce an infinite number of items. For example, even in medicine they use 3D models for training and training before operations, for prosthetics.

The jewellery industry is also not complete without 3D modeling, on the basis of these models creates many forms for future jewelry.

For a great result, it is extremely important to order architectural visualization from professionals who understand all aspects related to construction, design, ergonomics. Who do not just do their job, but also invest in each project a part of their soul, prompt, advise as best, do not let down with deadlines.

The best option in terms of price/quality today is the 3D visualization studio 3DVisio®. You can order the miscalculation of the work by e-mail or in Viber: rs@corp2.net, 380679016322.

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