Сквер. 3D-анимация архитектурных сооружений. Студия 3DVisio® HD
Making 3D animations of architectural objects

Making 3D animations of architectural objects

The most effective way to present an investment project is to show it in the form of 3D animation.

Beautiful vision, good sound, interesting script and excellent voice acting ten times more effective than a static picture.

An example of 3D animation:

For us there are no borders – we work all over the world.

About us:
The K2® and 3DVisio® brands have more than 25 years of development history.
The main areas of trademark activity are:
– 3D visualization, interior design, exteriors, landscapes.
Develop websites and web applications on PHP and Java.
Develop and support 1C application software solutions.
Mobile app development.
– Selling software (there are more than 25 thousand software products in the online store).
– Online advertising and SEO optimization.
3D animation.
– printing design and branding.
Hosting and administering servers.
Our advantages:
Many years of deep knowledge of IT technologies.
Comprehensive approach.
A lot of work.
Full production cycle.
– Continuous technology and knowledge.

Visualizations from 3DVisio Studio: http://3dvisio.org

E-mail: rs@corp2.net

Skype: rudjuk (look for rs@corp2.net)

Phone: 38 067 901-63-22

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